The Bible in 66 Devotions Intro


There it sits. On your shelf or in your bag. Under some magazines or over by the table. There it sits. It’s your Bible. It’s closed. Maybe the cover is worn and the pages have been thumbed through untold times; that little ribbon marker is fraying at the ends. Or perhaps its bright and shiny. The spine still cracks when you open it. The good intentions are there even if you haven’t familiarized yourself with its contents. There it sits…the Bible.

It’s an interesting moment when you go to pick up your Bible…that moment right before you open it. It’s a moment pregnant with possibility. When you open this book on this occasion something might happen. That forgiveness you’ve been aching for might just be received. That hope that you’re looking for might just be found. That light that you’ve felt around in the darkness for might come shining through. When you open this book everything might change. You might be called to follow God in a new and surprising way. It’s happened before, to countless women and men from countless places across the centuries. Your understanding of God, or the world, or yourself might change forever…that’s happened too! All this is possible…in this moment…it is pregnant with possibility.

As you sit there clearing your mind and calming your heart what might happen? What storms in your life will the Word of the Lord speak peace too? What seas will the breath of God part? What walls will come crumbling down by the thunder of this book being opened? What indeed will happen when you turn back it’s cover and lay bare before your eyes the words of eternal life? There it sits before you…the Bible…the Good Book…the Greatest Story Ever Told. What might happen when you open that book before you? You’ll never know until you open it…there it sits…


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