New Book!

book im reading Jesus

Those of you who know me know that I really like books. Ok, that’s a bit of an understatement…I’m obsessed with books. I love to read. So I was really excited when a good friend and one of the pastors I respect most deeply gave me this new book Jesus a Theography. This book is essentially a biography, or theography, of Jesus. A theography is a theological biography or a biography of God…specifically in this case of the second person of the Trinity, Jesus. The book is aimed at helping people better understand and articulate the story told to us in the Bible. This has been one of my big things lately. We run into the problem of focusing too narrowly on the Bible. We only look at one verse or one story and end up missing the bigger picture. But wait a second…isn’t that what we do in word for the way…only look at one verse? Well yes, yes it is. We do only look at one verse. But I think for those of you who have been reading you’ll notice that I tend to use that one verse as an entry point into the larger story of the Bible. That one verse is the window through which we view the larger narrative of the Bible…it is the on ramp from which we enter the interstate system of Scripture (did that last one work? I don’t think it did.). Anyway, I’m really excited about this new book and I’m planning to start reading it tonight. Read along with me if you like and I’ll post some of my thoughts. Happy reading!

Here’s where you can get this book:


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