Sermon Blast

What is faith? We talk about it all the time but what is it … what does it look like? Faith is trusting in the promise of God even when all the evidence says otherwise. Abraham, the father of faith, is the example that we look to in the Bible. He was called to go to a land he did not know, to be the father of a great nation (even when he couldn’t have children), and to be blessed to be a blessing to the whole world…and Abraham went! He get’s up and he goes…trusting God. When we look at the balance of his story we see that God was faithful to his promises to Abraham. He went to that land of promise…his eyes beheld it all…his feet walked along its pathways. The great nation he was to father was underway…it was a modest start but the impossible had happened…the child of promise had been born; even in their old age! And the blessing that had been given to Abraham and Sarah had spread to Issac…and it was poised to spread further! But there’s more! When we look at the wider story we see how God remained faithful to Abraham. The land and the nation he was to father we see today in the kingdom of God! We see it in every church, wherever two or three are gathered in the Lord name, and wherever a christian boldly sets their foot. The Child of promise…well, look to Jesus. He is the only beloved child who is bound and has wood laid upon him…who is sacrificed so that we may all live. And the blessing? Well the blessing is forgiveness, salvation, and everlasting life offered to all because of Jesus…the seed of Abraham! All of this is what faith is!


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