Jesus: A Theography (Chapter 2 exert)

There’s just so much that I want to share with you about this chapter…but I think the authors would be understandably upset if I just shared their whole book with you. This bit I found to be especially thought provoking!

“Just as Eve was inside Adam [metaphorically] before she appeared, the church was ‘in Him [Christ] before the foundation of the world’ before she appeared. Just as God put Adam into a deep sleep, Jesus was put into the deepest sleep of all – death. Just as God opened Adam’s side to bring forth Eve, the side of our Lord was opened on the cross. Out of it flowed water and blood – the outstanding marks of birth.”

“The pierced side of Jesus is the womb from which the bride of Christ was born. The water that poured out of him reminds us of the living waters that poured forth from the rock when Moses struck it in the presence of Israel. Paul told us ‘that the Rock was Christ.'”

Leonard Sweet & Frank Viola Jesus: A Theography pgs. 32-33


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