Sermon Blast

I’ve found when it comes to talking about sin that everybody has their favorites. Usually these sins that are the great and horrible sins in their eyes are the one they don’t have any trouble with at all. Of course not! “Everyone else is a horrible miserable sinner; I’m not so bad…people should be more like me” And do we ever let people know it when we act this way! And we all do. We like to pick up our favorite sticks and beat people with them. That’s why the 10 Commandments are so very important. They don’t just list our own favorite list of sins…they list all sins. Even the one’s that I’m guilty of in my self righteous perfection. Think of it this way. The 10 Commandments have long since been divided into two tables. The first dealing with how we relate to God and the second dealing with how we relate to each other. Now, compare that to the cross; it has two beams…the vertical showing how we relate to God and the horizontal showing how we relate to others. Many are good at relating to God and they think others should do as well as they do…they take that vertical beam and beat others over the head with it. Still others do the reverse with how we relate to our neighbor…we like to beat people up who don’t see things as we do. The 10 Commandments call us to bear all 10 of them…not just the ones we like. When you do that you bear both beams of the cross…not just one. And dealing with both makes it a whole lot harder to beat people up. Remember, Jesus called us to take up our cross and follow him…and again he said that his yoke is easy and his burden light…come to me all you who are weary and I will give you rest!


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