A word from Word for the Way

Sorry for the unannounced hiatus. The work of a parish pastor can get very busy from time to time; often very unexpectedly. Things seem to have quieted a bit…at least I think. I’m glad to be back with you here in this space. My prayers are with you and I hope this continues to be a blessing to you along your way. Oh, and go over and check out the most recent sermon blast on the book of Judges!


Sermon Blast

The Story of the book of Judges is in so many ways the story of humanity. Again and again we see the pattern: Israel sins, times get rough, they repent, God saves them…only to have the pattern repeat all over again. This is our story isn’t it? We do what we aren’t supposed to do, life gets rough, we amend our ways and vow never again…only to do it once again. What I find interesting about all of this is that the all knowing God continues to forgive. The Lord knows we’re going to fail, he knows that we’re bold faced lying when we say we’ll never do it again; yet he forgives us anyway. Think about it…The Father sent Jesus into the world knowing full well that we and all humanity would gather to shout “Crucify him, Crucify him!” He knew this and he sent Jesus anyway! He sent him to forgive us and to give us life. That should change everything! As people who bear the name of Jesus in our hearts, as people who bear the Cross of Christ upon our foreheads this simple truth should change everything! We are a people of this cross shaped, Jesus sending, forgiveness living kinda life…the game changing way of life!