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A few months ago I was sitting in my car waiting to pick my daughter up from school. I was doing what lots of folks do when they have a few moments to spare, looking at Facebook on my phone. I saw a bible passage I knew and loved … all of a sudden a little devotion popped into my head. I realized that I have a lot of these little moments throughout the week. Times when I think of a devotional thought that (I hope) will make a good sermon or bible study one day. But inevitably life gets busy and the thought passes. But then it occurred to me; why not write these down and share them with others? Plenty of folks have a few moments to spare throughout their day and they do what I had just done, get on social media from their phones. What If I started sharing these devotional thoughts from God’s Word that hit me along the way with others along their way? Why not let God get a word in amid all the posts about sports and celebrities and cute little pets? And thus Word for the Way was born!

Word for the Way is always changing, developing, being tweaked. Where my mind is Biblically shifts around, one day it’s the Gospels and the next it’s the Psalms. Sometimes I get into the Minor Prophets or the back corners of the Old Testament and other times I’m wading deep into the book of Revelation. What’s going on in my life and the lives of those around me is always changing so my thoughts move with them. I’m always reading books, especially books about the Bible; so, I try and post about what I’m reading and about what I’m thinking about what I’m reading. I’m also a regular preacher so I post my sermons here as well as condensed versions of my sermons called sermon blasts…look for those on Mondays usually. And there will probably be more in the future as the Holy Spirit directs my thinking and writing.

Basically this is a Bible blog written by a Bible lover for those who are out and about along their way…Oh, and a quick note about the name, Word for the Way. The Word should be fairly obvious…It’s the Word of God, the Bible, The preached Word, and the Word Jesus. The piece about the Way has a two fold meaning. 1) It’s for those who are busy, always on the go…they’re always on their way. 2) In Acts 9:2 we read about Saul, later the Apostle Paul, asking for letters to go after those who belonged to the Way…it seems that one of the earliest names for Christians were followers of the Way. Thus Word for the Way! So, thanks for checking out this modest Bible Blog, have a look around and may God’s Word always find you along your way!


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