The internet is a great place to find information. It can also be dangerous. Anybody with a smart phone and a wifi signal can put information or mis-information out there. Believe me, I’ve seen A LOT of crazy stuff about the Bible and Christianity through the years. I hope that you’ll find these links that I regularly check out helpful in your own journey of discipleship.

…In the Meantime by David Lose. David is one of the finest Biblical interpreters I know. He’s faithful, fresh, and fun. You can check out what he’s doing over at:

Enter the Bible by Luther Seminary. Enter the Bible is a great site that give all kinds of information about each book of the Bible. You’ll find introductions, videos, outlines and so much more! Give them a look over at:

Point to Christ by Michael Rhyne. Michael is the Bishop of the Allegheny Synod (Central Pennsylvania) of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. His energy and excitement for Christ and his church is unparalleled. You can read his thoughts by going to:

Preach Truth You Moron by John David Bryant. John David is a pastor friend of mine. Each week he writes down his thoughts about the Lectionary readings for the coming weeks sermon. They’re always entertaining and quiet insightful. Go see what he’s doing:

I’ll be adding some more in the future so check back later. For now these should be enough to keep you busy and reading!


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