Right now I’m reading Jesus: A Theography by Leonard Sweet & Frank Viola. It’s a fascinating theological biography of Jesus. I’m blogging about it over on the home page right now. I can’t recommend this book enough at this point!


I’m a big N.T. Wright fan. One of my next reads will be Simply Jesus. As before, I’ll be blogging about my thoughts.


My journey with N.T. Wright will be continuing with How God Became King.


I’ll be wrapping up my feast with N.T. Wright with his newest book, Simply Good News.


I’m also a big fan of Mark Galli. Mark is one of the editors of Christianity Today. I’ll be reading his book Chaos and Grace.


Next up I’ll be continuing my reading with another of Mark Valli’s book A Great and Terrible Love.

Of course I’ll be adding more books to my current reading list, check back later to see what I’ve got on the list. As always I’ll be blogging my thoughts with you.

Later I’ll be adding books on here that I’ve already read that I think are pretty great. Check back for those in the future. If you’ve got books you’d like me to check out just drop me a note and I’ll look into it. Oh, also please know that by and large all the books I’m reading and blogging about are written on a popular level (more or less). That means that you didn’t have to go to Seminary to make sense of what you’re reading, that way everyone can join in the fun!


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