Photos of My 1999 Trip to Malawi


Malawi 3

I was there to preach in the annual United Pentecostal Church of Malawi General Conference. The graduation for their Bible school took place during the same conference. These are the graduates of the class of 1999. These young men sang during their graduation service. Their harmonies were unreal. If you’ve never heard Africans singing unto the Lord, you need to experience it. I remember the first time my wife and I heard the saints of God singing there in Malawi. They hadn’t been singing very long at all when my eyes suddenly filled with tears that I could not control—so passionate and beautiful!


Malawi 5

A lighter moment with the graduates in the library there at the Bible school. Now, after nearly 20 years, I wonder what battles these men have fought. I wonder what all they have accomplished for the Lord. In this picture, they are so young and full of promise.


Malawi 7

This is Brother Mkandawire (Pronounced Mmm-konda-weary.  He was my translator when I preached during the Conference. A great guy with a constant smile. If memory serves me right, his wife was the first female commercial airline pilot there in the country of Malawi. I remember one night just before I was to preach, I felt the hand of God upon me in such a powerful way. It actually defies description. It was one of those moments in life when you know for a fact—without any doubt—that the anointing of the Lord is upon you. I will never forget it.


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