God’s Providence Comes Through Again

Jeremy & Kasey

I believe the Lord saved our lives yesterday. My son, Jeremy, his two sons, Danette, and I were driving to Nashville for Jeremy & Kasey’s wedding shower. Jeremy was driving. I’ll post his testimony as to what happened. Again, God’s providence took care of us.

“I’m thankful for God’s protection. Yesterday, while traveling from Jackson to Nashville on Interstate 40, the car I was driving started to accelerate without me wanting it to and the brakes stopped working. I had no idea what to do other than pray. The situation only lasted a minute, but I looked at the speedometer and I was running 85-90 mph and was gaining fast on the cars in front of me. Again, my brakes weren’t working and the engine was wide open. I’m so glad my dad was riding shotgun, he thought I was playing when I said I had no brakes. But then he calmly talked me through the situation. He pulled the emergency brake which still didn’t stop the engine . He then put the car in neutral and eventually the car started slowing down. Turns out the brakes weren’t the issue, but the accelerate button on the cruise control was stuck. It’s a miracle the engine didn’t blow and more importantly that we didn’t have a wreck. I imagine the fatality rate of accidents where cars are traveling 85 mph or more is pretty high. I’m just thinking of a sermon I heard called “the feast of Purim” where the preacher talked about taking the time to thank God for the things that could have happened but DIDN’T. We made it to Nashville for Me and Kasey’s wedding shower and had a great time with friends and family celebrating the tremendous romance and love we have. Right now, at 4:00 in the morning, I’m thankful for my kids, who were in the car and who are both sound asleep and snoring 10 feet from me and I’m thankful for my parents, who were also in the car. I’m also thankful God rejected the script and rewrote the story like He does so many times. I’m not a melodramatic person, but it’s true that I’m alive only because God wanted me to be. Happy Sunday!” #LighthouseJackson


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