Please Pray For Pastor’s Release!!



Tuesday, 2/18 (late Monday night in eastern U.S.) is court day for Pastor Bryan.

This hearing is expected to reveal the judge’s decision on whether to proceed with criminal charges and set a trial date; dismiss the criminal charges, which would allow the exit process to begin; or present yet another surprise twist to this long, strange tale.

We’ve all been faithfully contending in Heaven and on earth for 135 days for Bryan’s freedom. Please don’t let go of the rope now! Stand. Believe. Wrestle. In Jesus’ name. Ephesians 6:12-13. #bringbryanhome #SHARE

Click here for more information about this situation.

Christian Pastor Held in India

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing.” –author unknown


How would you feel if your pastor, or your husband, your father, or your friend were being held in a foreign country against his will? How would you feel if that situation had been going on for over 125 days? That would be more than 4 months. How would you feel?

Pastor Bryan Nerren is the lead pastor at The International House of Prayer ministries in Shelbyville, TN and  has been stuck in India since October 6, 2019 when authorities arrested him for a week, charging him with violating customs laws for not declaring the funds he carried with him to conduct Sunday School conferences in India and neighboring Nepal. At that time the judge confiscated his passport and imposed a travel ban. Continue reading “Christian Pastor Held in India”

Ministry Map for January 2020 touched all of the countries colored in pink on the above map during the month of January.

To all of our friends and followers, thank you so very much for joining us as we help spread the good news around the world. Your prayer support and encouraging words strengthen us and keep us moving onward and upward.

May God bless you is my prayer for you and your families.



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