Christian Pastor Held in India

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing.” –author unknown


How would you feel if your pastor, or your husband, your father, or your friend were being held in a foreign country against his will? How would you feel if that situation had been going on for over 125 days? That would be more than 4 months. How would you feel?

Pastor Bryan Nerren is the lead pastor at The International House of Prayer ministries in Shelbyville, TN and  has been stuck in India since October 6, 2019 when authorities arrested him for a week, charging him with violating customs laws for not declaring the funds he carried with him to conduct Sunday School conferences in India and neighboring Nepal. At that time the judge confiscated his passport and imposed a travel ban.

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Pastor Bryan has already paid the required $4,000 fine, but so far the judge still refuses to return his passport.

Pastor Bryan has led Sunday School conferences in India and Nepal for 17 years as leader of the non-profit Asian Children’s Education Fellowship Ministry.

India, is a Hindu nationalist country of 1.4 billion people. According to the international religious freedom watchdog group Open Doors, it is the 10th most dangerous country for Christians. Christians in India number 66 million,

UPDATE: January 28 @ 7:28AM: Pastor Bryan had another day at court. He was charged a second time with same charges only this time in a criminal court. He was told that he will have to go through the same process as before even though he paid his fine already.

UPDATE: Feb 6, 2020 at 8:12 AM: Pastor Bryan appeared before the judge today. The judge set a new court date of 2-18-20. One thing was established today: the pastor did not break any laws of India.

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Bryan and Rhonda Nerren with their two children.

Pastor Bryan has a new attorney and is optimistic about his abilities. The prosecutor was not prepared to make an argument today and the judge agreed to a postponement. Pastor Bryan is encouraged that the new attorney’s abilities will make a difference. But, for now, the results are the same. His wife, Rhonda,  said he is in good spirits, though disappointed in the outcome of the latest hearing.

What can you do to help?

Pastor Bryan’s next court date is 1 week from today on February 18th. Here are some things that you can do to help:

Call or Email your Senators and Representatives in our nation’s Capital.   It appears our Senators and our Congressional representatives have been engaged with officials in the State Department and in India. We need them to make a full-court press this week. We need these fellow Tennesseans  to be personally involved in bringing pressure to bear wherever they can.

Please call everyone below many times the rest of the week. It could be the only way Pastor Bryan can come home.

<<<< Click the box to send an email to your representative. >>>>

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When you speak to or email anyone listed be sure that you are courteous. Give them your name and tell them where you live in Tennessee (city and state is good enough). Tell them you’re calling/emailing because Pastor Bryan Nerren from Shelbyville, TN is being held against his will in India and that he has a major court hearing next Thursday (Feb. 18) and you want to ask Sen. Alexander / Sen. Blackburn / Rep. DesJarlais to get personally involved in every way they can.

Email the staff members shown above with brief emails saying thanks and keep it up.

PLEASE, SIGN THE PETITION!!  The American Center for Law and Justice is among those advocating in Nerren’s defense and has started a petition at for his return to the U.S. The petition has more than 156,000 signatures. Add your name to the ever-growing list. Click here to go to the site and sign petition.


I would ask for anyone who has any governmental connection at all, if you have a connection with the White House or anyone else, please contact them for our dear brother.

Pray! Pray! And Pray some more!!   The judge is demanding that customs officials give the order for his passport to be released. Customs says they’ve sent the proper paperwork to the court, clearing him of all charges. But they won’t say, “Release his passport”. The judge won’t release his passport unless they say it.

It’s a standoff between the judge and customs officials and neither wants to blink.

No one in India wants to take responsibility for the release of the American Christian pastor, but the Lord that we serve can change the hearts of those involved in this travesty. So, please, pray!!

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing.”



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