Parents, what will you pass down?

To me, this is an amazing photo. My daughter-in-law was playing the piano when her son, Milo, wanted to help. Someone recorded this moment in history by taking this wonderful photograph. In the photo you see the experienced hand of a mother and the young, inexperienced hands of her son.

Milo had a wonderful time learning that pressing (and at times hitting) the keys resulted in wonderful sounds coming from inside the piano. I have to be honest here. It didn’t always sound wonderful to my trained ear, but you get the point. I could tell by the smile on his face that he thought it sounded wonderful–and that’s what counts.

He also learned, the hard way, that when mommy shuts the lid, it’s best not to mess with it. Just like you and I, it actually took him more than once to realize that the lid coming down hard on inquisitve fingers was not a good thing. Yes, sometimes in life it’s best to leave closed doors shut. (Milo’s papaw still has to take a refresher course on this lesson from time to time.)

“The Hebrew word for parents is horim, and it comes from the same root word as moreh, teacher. The parent is, and remains, the first and most important teacher that the child will ever have.” –Rabbi Kassel Abelson

It makes my heart glad to know that Milo has parents who are encouraging and equipping him to carry on our family ministry in the praise and worship of our Lord Jesus. And so it continues to another generation. #smilingheart #proudpapaw #thebeatgoeson



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