A Great Awakening

In his book entitled, The Book On Prayer,” Ken Gurley defines a great awakening as: “a season of revival that sets aside formal religion in favor of personal experience with God.”

One look at our world today will tell you that we need another great awakening.

Globally, there is world-wide political upheaval, economic chaos, religious unrest, and then there’s the global pandemic. That’s just some of the things our modern society is facing.

We’ve tried everything humanly possible to turn the ship around but it seems those things are not working.

It’s obvious to me that what we need is a mighty and miraculous move of the Spirit of the Almighty God. Yes, we need another “Great Awakening!”— a revival that affects not only a local area but is witnessed on the national and global stages as well.

Awakenings begin when old systems break down, in periods of cultural distortion and grave personal stress, when we lose faith in the legitimacy of our norms, the viability of our institutions, and the authority of our leaders… .”

William McLoughlin
professor, Brown University

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