Great Awakening #4

Historians have defined three “Religious Awakenings” that have taken place in America. And while it is true that these awakenings differ in a variety of ways, it is also true that they share five common elements:

  1. Intercession: People of faith unite in-prayer for God to forgive
    sins and to send revival.
  1. Revelation: God responds to reveal Himself in a new or
    forgotten way.
  1. Consecration: God’s response leads people to further devote
    and separate themselves to Him, to one another, and to His
  1. Renewal: Dormant faith comes back to life and becomes
    fruitful once again.
  1. Expansion: The reach of the church is expanded, new territory
    is gained, converts are one, and believers have a high impact
    on the surrounding culture.

–The Book On Prayer, Ken Gurley

Our God really does move when people start praying. Our prayers do matter!

The noted Bible commentator, J. Edwin Orr, once said, “Whenever God is ready to do something new with His people, He always sets them to praying.”

History bears this out, as believers begin to unite in prayer, spiritual break-throughs begin to take place.

We need a Great Spiritual Awakening. If that Spiritual Awakening is to take place, then the bottomline is this: We need Prayer Warriors!

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